Matelas Happy

  • Fabriqué en Suisse
  • 100 nuits d'essai
  • Différents modèles selon la position de sommeil
Matelas Happy

Matelas Happy

As A. Fröhlich & Co. was founded in St. Gallen in 1895. Initially, the company was in charge of upholstery, then it started to develop mattresses, insert frames, pillows and duvets. In 1970, the “Happy” brand was created. Happy is a Swiss mattress, which is currently offered in three versions. These versions are developed for particular sleeping positions, which is why there is one for the back, one for the lying position and one for the lateral position. Each of these mattresses has a soft side and a hard side that you can turn over. In addition, the different layers ensure that the weight is distributed over the entire mattress when you sleep, so that the mattresses are suitable for all weights. Happy offers a sleep test of


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  3. Test result
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  • Point elasticity
  • Ergonomics
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Mattress manufacturing

The Happy Side mattress has been specially designed for people who sleep on their side and offers great sleeping comfort. The mattress is 24 cm high and consists of a double core. This means that there are two different degrees of hardness. By turning the mattress you can switch from the hard side to the soft side. The sleeping surface can be removed using two zippers.



At Happy, you have 100 nights to try the product. During this period, you also have the option of returning the product free of charge. This mattress is guaranteed for 10 years.


Test result:

The mattress was tested in winter 2019. The following points were evaluated:





Coverage quality

All categories are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the highest possible score.

How are the mattresses tested?


This is especially important when purchasing a mattress, as a mattress is in most cases an acquisition for an extended period of time. To test it well, the mattress was loaded with a heavy roller that was rolled from side to side. We thus simulated a wear of 8 to 10 years. The mattress was then checked for hardness, possible sagging and damage.

The Happy Side has medium durability. Only Emma and Casper scored higher.


Point elasticity

Point elasticity refers to the adaptability of the mattresses. This means that a small area is down without affecting the surroundings of that area. This is especially relevant for couples who share a mattress.

Here, too, Happy received an average rating. Emma was awarded the top rating in this category.

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This category was assessed using the most common body types in the population. People with a HEIA body type tested the mattresses before and after the stress test by sleeping on their side and back.

The shape of the spine was analyzed.

Happy Side received a satisfactory rating in this regard.



Good handling is essential, especially during assembly. The weight as well as the handles play an important role. Happy Side sits in the middle with 18.8 kg. The handles are well attached and Happy obtains a good result.



As for the blanket, only the degree of washing of the latter is evaluated. To do this, several small samples were washed and then checked to see how much they had shrunk. As the cover did not practice


Not shrunk, Happy Side got a very good rating in this category.



Happy scored 6.7 in all categories and is therefore in the middle of the pack in the mattress test. It has very high quality coverage and good durability. However, Happy Side is not as elastic when it comes to sleeping characteristics.

Overall, Happy Side provides great sleeping comfort and durability for people with the right body type. With two different degrees of hardness, the customer can adjust the hardness themselves whenever they want. Thanks to the 100 days of trial sleep, the mattress can be comfortably tested and turned over if necessary.




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